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This session is for people who would like to invite Federico having him as speaker for lectures, seminars or courses.
You will find three different kinds of programs indicated with the following abbreviations:
FF-IC (intensive course, 1 or 2 days)
FF-FC (full course, several days)
FF-L (lecture or seminar, from 45 minutes to 3 hours)

Intensive courses:

• “Anterior composite restorations” FF-IC-01
• “Direct posterior restorations” FF-IC-02
• “Indirect posterior restorations” FF-IC-03
• “Anterior restorations morphological modification in composite” FF-IC-04
• “Different metal free materials in dental aesthetics” FF-IC-05

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Full courses:
• “Anterior composite restorations” FF-FC-01
• “Direct and indirect posterior restorations” FF-FC-02

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• “Adhesion in dental aesthetics” FF-L01
• “Composite vs ceramic” FF-L02
• “Composite materials in dental esthetics” FF-L03
• “Metal free materials in dental aesthetics” FF-L04
• “Posterior restoration: direct vs indirect” FF-L05
• “Internal and external dental bleaching” FF-L06
• “Adhesive cementation in dental aesthetics: indications and protocols” FF-L07
• “x-ray diagnosis of dental caries” FF-L08

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